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dMworks produces high impact HD, 3D, 4K, multi-screen videos, motion graphics, and dynamic content for broadcast, web, entertainment, film, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

At dMworks no job or screen is too big or too small. Producing everything from a few seconds of vibrant graphics and visualFX, to hundreds of corporate videos, demos, webisodes, mobile content, documentaries, live event video and feature length films.

Creating content for mammoth video walls and dozens of synchronized displays on the sides of buildings, inside and out of theaters, convention centers and sports arenas we can handle any shape, size, resolution or format. We’ve produced content for some of the world’s largest and smallest displays, and every size in between. Give us a call!


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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comSaturday, July 15th, 2017 at 5:05pm

Another great camera body up for grabs! A Panasonic GF2 (body only) 12MP Digital Camera, only one left!

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comTuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 10:15pm

Another great camera body, Panasonic GH2 (body only) for sale! Lots of deals this week.

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comMonday, July 10th, 2017 at 6:59pm

Panasonic Lumix GH3 Camera Body for sale! Comes with battery, charger, camera strap, and original manual.

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comSaturday, July 8th, 2017 at 7:16pm

Summer cleaning! Lot's of gear for sale, including this good deal on a great DSLR camera. Check it...

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comThursday, May 26th, 2016 at 1:43pm

My office for the day. Green screen, mix it in post.

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comThursday, May 26th, 2016 at 12:50pm

Quick turnaround, off the plane, repack some gear, run to a new location. Breathe and go.

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comTuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 10:08am

A little body worn evidence fashion statements for your local law enforcement.

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comWednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 6:43am

Of course I forgot my coffee in the truck. Got to go get that.

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dMworks - dM works - www.dmworks.comWednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 6:41am

Time to play interview setup jenga.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center

  • Location: Newark, NJ

The Innovation Center is part technology exhibit, part modern museum quality installation. Giving Panasonic the perfect venue for announcing their latest initiatives and showcasing their vast history of products and innovations.

dMworks provides both hardware and content support for a the vast number of ever evolving displays and interactive screens. From synchronized 4K video servers and over three dozen HD video players and servers to vertical touch-screens and an over 22,000 pixel overhead ribbon display, the Center continues to grow. We maximize their ability to create new content, repurpose existing content and get the best resolutions possible from each display for any size, shape or layout.

Harness Racing Fanzone

Harness Racing Fanzone

  • Location: Meadowlands, NJ & Yonkers, NY

When Converseon launched the Harness Racing Fan Zone for the United States Trotting Association (USTA), they brought in dMworks to produce a series of high energy videos and motion graphics animations.

Filming on-location at New York and New Jersey race tracks, dMworks captured fresh live action footage for editing and post, and created new high impact motion graphics.

Allied Aviation

Allied Aviation

  • Location: New York, NY

dMworks produced a compelling “Day in the Life” video promoting the vast amount of award winning services Allied Aviation provides for airlines such as Delta and JetBlue every day.

We followed Allied Aviation’s operations from pre-dawn darkness, throughout the day and into the nighttime dusk as Allied supported Delta flights from inbound to outbound. We documented the complexity of the operation, the team, the paperwork, and process from flights on approach, to landing, loads, and turnaround back to takeoff. From the tower to the terminals, we discovered all of the vital services and support Allied Aviation’s team provides on a daily basis.

dMworks filmed on-location at New York’s JFK International airport and provided for full HD editing, motion graphics, post, narration and music audio mixing.

4K at Kentucky Derby

4K at Kentucky Derby

  • Location: Louisville, KY

The legendary home of the Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs Racetrack, was proud to announce the installation of the new 4K “Big Board” built by Panasonic, the only video board in an outdoor stadium or arena capable of displaying 4K. The 171-foot wide by 90-foot tall video board sits 80-feet above the ground and tops out at 170-feet in height so that fans throughout the racetrack are able to view crystal clear racing content.

dMworks produced a 4K video and motion graphics animation that played on the Big Board as it premiered at this year’s Kentucky Derby. We were also brought in to document the entire event from every angle, we also interviewed fans and industry insiders for their first impressions, and filmed it all in stunning 4K.

The Big Board looks so good in real life it’s hard to express just how much it enhances the crowd’s experience. So, just how big is the “Big Board”?  It’s bigger than:

•    3 NBA basketball courts,
•    5 average size U.S. homes,
•    2,200 46-inch flat-screen TVs, and
•    320,000 Apple iPhone 5 screens

US Soccer in 3D

US Soccer in 3D

  • Location: Kansas City & Phoenix

Imagine how excited we were to get the call that we would be jumping on a plane to both Kansas City and Phoenix to film the US Women’s soccer team.

In Kansas City, we’d be working with Stereography expert, Keith Driver, and we had the pleasure of using 3D Film Factory‘s Bullet Rig. It’s always exciting to be using the latest piece of 3D technology.

Combining our resources we were able to get dynamic 3D footage of the team. From hoisting a Panasonic 3DA1 on to a jib arm to attaching a 3D GoPro rig to the cross bar of the soccer net enabling us to get some very interesting shots. It was a fun shoot day, the team and the fans in the stands had a lot of great energy. And of course, we also had some famous Kansas City Barbecue.

In Phoenix, we enjoyed the benefits of an even larger crew, more 3D cameras and access to a prototype version of Panasonic’s AG-3DP1 camera.

Greenscreen Shoots

Greenscreen Shoots

  • Location: New York & New Jersey

It’s always a great time filming for launches or promotional events. A couple of times a year we get to put together some really cool Oscars’ style skits, inserting people into pop culture videos and movies. Of course it’s not always possible to get everyone in a large group into a studio, so we bring the green-screen studio to them. Here are some behind the scenes shots.

Small Electronics

Small Electronics

  • :

We were faced with a unique shooting challenge: to create a 3D video highlighting the features of our clients nearly microscopic electronic components. dMworks was happy to accept the project, and we spent weeks using blue screen, tweezers, modeling clay, and a 3D beam splitter rig with super macro lenses to make these tiny parts fill up a full high-definition frame.

This project required steady hands and a lot of patience, as even the rumbling of a motorcycle outside the studio would produce an on-screen earthquake while we worked with such small objects.

We combined our 3D product shots with animations to produce a dynamic video that highlighted the various families and features of Panasonic’s numerous electronic components.

Target Attractor

Target Attractor

  • Location: Nationwide USA

dMworks completed work on a series of live action videos for installation in Target’s retail outlets. The characters on the screen directly ‘engaged’ the viewing public on the latest in TV products.

Working with a the client’s own prototype pre-production DSLR video camera, the dMworks team had a lot of fun experimenting with the new camera and testing out how it worked with our existing support equipment and how it handled shooting green screen…  the results were great!

Hearing Instruments

Hearing Instruments

  • Location: New York

We took our 3D beam splitter rig (aptly nicknamed “The Beast”), as well as a 42″ 3D television for monitoring out into the field to create an up-beat and fun commercial to promote Panasonic Hearing Aids at various trade shows and events.

Despite the hefty gear, our team was able to work together to pull off some dynamic shots with our talented cast and crew. We combined live action with product shots and animations to create an engaging and informative 3D presentation.



  • Location: USA & Japan

The dMworks team put together a high-impact animation for our client’s Industrial Company to promote their various battery groups.

We combined existing product shots with animation and live action footage to highlight the benefits of various batteries and tell the story of the client’s dedication to energy storage, energy management, and green innovation.

The client was incredibly happy with the results we achieved, and even asked us to produce another version of the video for their offices in Japan.

Security TradeShows

Security TradeShows

  • Location: Las Vegas & San Diego

With one of the largest and most impressive tradeshow video presentations in their industry; Panasonic Security tasked dMworks with creating a series of synchronized displays of twelve or more 50″ panels of HD video with two additional vertical panels on each side of the main presentations.

dMworks provided the content, animations, video servers, on-site setup and support, as well as the live event production, backstage crew and audio gear. Live presentations were held every hour of the three day security products show.

dMworks Experience

The most responsive and passionate group we’ve worked with.

Creative Marketing Manager – Panasonic North America


We blend creative ideas with the latest technologies to reach your audience.

Concept, Design & Pre-Production

Scripting, Copywriting, Storyboarding, Research, Branding, Layout, Set Design, Budgeting, Scheduling, Talent Casting & Content Clearances*, Locations, Scouting & Management

Development & Production

Full HD, 3D, 4K Production Services, In-Studio or On-Location Crew & Equipment, Track Dolly, Jib Arm, Teleprompters, 3D Production Rigs, POV Camera Rigs, DSLR Rigs & Sliders, Sound Recording, Photography

Editing & Motion Graphics

In-Studio or On-Location Editing, Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects, Audio & Post Suites (HD, 2K, 3D, 4K) with Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Master Collection, Avid Media Composer, Cinema 4D Suites. Chroma-key Blue and Green screen facilities.

Authoring & Delivery

All Digital Media Files Supported, Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP), Broadcast TV, Tape, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, USB Media authoring and duplication, web, mobile and more

Web, Mobile & Social

Design, Development & Implementation, Technology & Content Solutions, Produce, Distribute, Re-purpose Content, Streaming Media, Webisodes, Web Seminar Production

Live Events & Shows

Single or Multi Display Presentations in any format, Entertainment, Tradeshow & Venue Productions, On-site Support Services & Custom Applications


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